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    The PLAN T Alliance (PLAN T = Psychiatric Labeling Action Network for Truth) asks that you consider signing the petitions at the following locations (NoteL This request was made in 2011; if the links no longer work, please notify Webmaster):

    Submitted by Paula J. Caplan, PhD, author of They Say You're Crazy (for sale in the Bookstore on this page)

    Occupy APA

    Occupy the American Psychiatric Association in Philly: Boycott Normal!

    In the spirit of liberty, MindFreedom is taking its nonviolent revolution to historic Philadelphia, PA, USA, and to the doorstep of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting. Occupy APA! This is part of a global peaceful campaign to boycott normality. You are welcome and invited! To download a printable PDF 'save the date' flyer of Philly protest, click here.

    Excellent article on nutrients and mental health at Well Being Journal

    More to come soon!

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