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Recovery Empowerment Resources was intended to be an organization operating out of the state of Tennessee, serving the world, but the funding was pulled. We still wanted to leave this page for reference. We were a group of "psychiatric survivors", "mental health consumers" "peer support specialists" or any other buzzword you might hear used for people who are recovering from being psychiatrized (given a "mental illness" label using "diagnoses" which are no better than a weak opinion, and forcibly given the "latest and greatest" drugs). We have been "treated" against our wills, labeled "non-compliant", and despite this have offered thousands of hours of support to others being equally mistreated. We have been told that there is no other treatment than psychiatric drugs (we hesitate to use the word "medications" to describe these powerful, damaging drugs), and seeing a "doctor" who listens to us with about as much focus as a 2-year-old before writing a prescription for one or more drugs, offering no support, no talk therapy, and no hope.

Please enjoy the website, and you are welcome to submit articles for inclusion. This site will not be completed, barring someone stepping up with funding. Feel free to contact the Webmaster and offer suggestions as to content, including correcting it, stating it better, and adding new topics.

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Did you know?

Experts Agree

Doctors, researchers, and health reporters agree, drugs are not therapy and help no more than 30% of the patients given them. Doctors such as the late Loren Mosher, M.D., Peter Breggin, M.D., and others; ground-breaking authors such as Swami Akhilananda, Robert Whitaker, Gail Hornstein, and many psychiatric survivors who have published their histories. The verdict is clear: Drugs are not therapy, are not a good substitute for therapy, and only in extreme cases should they be included in the first stages of therapy.

Helplessness Is Not Hopelessness

There are no hopeless cases. Some of the pioneer peers were stronger than others, but together we can get all the help we need to recover our health and self-esteem and develop new resources and strengths.

Website Features

So Much Help ...

...it might seem overwhelming at first, but we will try to help you find all the support you need to get though it. We will list all local support groups, online support groups, and phone numbers that we can find. You are not a diagnosis, you are not a drug bible, you are an individual and the help you need should be designed - by you - to be as individual as you are.

Learn what you need to do. We'll support your decisions.

We've been where you are. You may think nobody has had it as rough as you, but there are harder stories out there...and easier solutions than you can imagine. You can also learn to use your strengths to help yourself and others.

Recovery is remembering who you truly are, and using your strengths to become all you were meant to be.


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